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Independent Investment Advisory

NJR Partners comprises risk management and investment professionals with multi-decade and deep, practical experience of financial markets, products and risk.

Tailored Experience

NJR Partners design services that are tailored for our client’s circumstances. Our investment services may include: the design, draft and review of investment and spending policies or family charter; the development and review of strategic asset allocation and benchmarks; the integration of ESG, impact and socially responsible investment policy, the management of tender processes, implementation, performance reporting and communication; and serving as an independent on Investment committees.

Best Practice

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Investment Governance

We advocate a disciplined investment process to engender confidence and provide clients the greatest opportunity for meeting their investment objectives.

Fiduciary Engagement

In order to minimise conflicts of interest, we invite clients to engage NJR Partners on retainer as a fiduciary

Experienced Practitioners

We are risk management and investment professionals with multi-decade and deep, practical experience of financial markets, products and risk

About us

N. J. Renton and Partners Capital Pty Limited (NJR Partners) is an independent investment advisory practice serving endowments, foundations, families and investment professionals.

NJR Partners comprises risk management and investment professionals with multi-decade and deep, practical experience of financial markets and products. We have relationships with global investment advisory organisations which evidence disciplined investment processes, robust due diligence and are independent of asset management sales and products.

We design services that are tailored to our client’s circumstances. Our belief is that best-practice investment management principles, and particularly independence, create long-term value for clients.
In order to minimise conflicts of interest, we invite clients to engage NJR Partners on retainer as a fiduciary.

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Best Practice

We advocate an investment philosophy based on decades of study and application of our craft. As a consequence, and on the shoulders of others, we have developed firm beliefs in what best practice investing is and how to structure organisations to make investment decisions that are most likely to achieve the desired objectives.

We believe the most important consideration is to clearly define and agree on a "risk budget" that is tailored for the organisation or family. We believe the whole portfolio should be managed on a real-time basis and rebalanced to maintain this constant level of risk. In this process, it is crucial that defensive assets are precisely defined as assets that are extremely likely to appreciate in times of stress and are able to be converted quickly into cash. Equally, risks related to conflicts of interest and alignment are identified and minimised.

Our focus is on investing over a long investment horizon and we do not attempt to time markets. We believe in diversification and deploy our strategies across multiple asset classes to achieve it, but recognise that assumptions and, particularly, correlation assumptions, are imperfect.

We believe that this process of devoting time and resources to properly structure an organisation’s investment decision-making process affords the greatest chance of long-run outperformance.  

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Nigel has in excess of three decades of deep experience in global investment markets accumulated in London, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney at Citibank, Rothschild and Credit Suisse. In his capacity as head of the complex foreign exchange options trading business at Citibank London, he also advised on risk management and hedging strategies for clients that included Disney, BP, Microsoft, GSAM, Qatar, and BHP. In his capacity founder and head of the Institutional Endowment practice at Credit Suisse, he was responsible for investment management policy and implementation for sovereign wealth, insurance, indigenous, university, medical, charitable and family organisations. As an independent, he represented Citadel to Australian institutional investors.

NJR Partners continue to provide advice on a fiduciary basis to a small number of clients comprising educational, engineering, indigenous, agricultural, derivatives and family organisations in excess of $A3 billion.  Nigel holds a Master of Commerce (Economics and Finance) and Batchelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) from the University of New South Wales. His continuing education includes graduate certificate subjects in risk and capital management and superannuation and retirement benefits from UNSW, and the executive course Governing for Nonprofit Excellence at Harvard Business School.
Nigel serves on the Leadership Council of Social Ventures Australia, the investment committee of Kincoppal Rose Bay and as Chair of the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation Investment Committee.

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