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Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Meeting / Australian Banks (ANZ) / Amazing Amazon

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Rates really are lower / All eyes on China / Equities surprise up / Lest we forget

More no doubt later on defence, security, telecommunications, Belts and Roads, the Arctic...but note the trade numbers:

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Party like it's 1995

"In the absence of an outright recession, this action would remove much of the downside risk facing the equity market. In fact, bulls will point out that the equity market surged 14 per cent in the six months that followed Alan Greenspan’s first “insurance” cut in 1995."

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Notes from Underground

The speed and magnitude of the moves reaffirm the requirement for investors to hold core investment beliefs that are flexible and firmly held at the same time.

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Global Private Credit Trust - Direct Lending and Distressed and Special Situations

Opportunistic allocation to a Private Debt Fund managed by a preeminent global distressed, special situations, and private equity investment manager.

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